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Austrian Financial & Insurance Professionals Association
Verband der österreichischen Finanz- und Versicherungsprofessionisten

Albertgasse 35/1
A-1080 Wien

Telephone:   +43 (1) 36 16 900
Fax:         +43 (1) 717 28 11 0
e-Mail: gw@afpa.at

ID number: ATU66700046

Register of Associations: Central Registry of Associations no. ("ZVR-Zahl")  745249070
Its statutory representatives are the elected board members (Team)
Association data listed in the Register of Associations under: http://zvr.bmi.gv.at/Start

Lobbying-Register Austria: LIVR-00458

Disclosure made in accordance with Section 25 Media Act:

Owner and publisher:
AFPA, Austrian Financial & Insurance Professionals Association
Verband der österreichischen Finanz- und Versicherungsprofessionisten

Webdesign by Zensations

Association objective:

AFPA is an association with registered address in Vienna. Its purpose is to promote the common interests of Austrian independent brokers and agents. (Details)


Vienna, 19th of August 2011

  1. Copyright: Unless otherwise stated, all content on these web pages is the property of the Austrian Financial & Insurance Professionals Association ("AFPA"). AFPA reserves the exclusive copyright to this content. Any copying or use in other electronic or printed publications is prohibited without AFPA's explicit permission. All brand names and trademarks identified on the website and, where relevant, protected by third parties, are unreservedly subject to the provisions of the currently valid trademark law and the property rights of the respective registered owner. This also includes copying or secondary uses of any kind.

  2. Online web content: AFPA takes every effort to keep these pages updated regularly. However, no guarantee is made concerning the up-to-datedness, accuracy and completeness of the information provided. Any and all offers are subject to change and are made without obligation. AFPA reserves the right to modify, supplement or delete these pages without prior notice.

  3. Links to other websites: These AFPA pages contain direct and indirect hyperlinks ("links") which visitors can use to be directed to third-party websites. These links point to content from enterprises, institutions and organisations with which AFPA has no affiliation. AFPA has no control whatsoever over these sites. AFPA has no influence over their current or future design, content. No warranty can therefore be made concerning the accuracy, completeness or time limited nature of the information contained there. The content on linked sites is solely the responsibility of the applicable operators. Any liability - of whatever type - in respect of any commercial products or services possibly referenced is likewise excluded. The manufacturer or vendor is solely responsible for guaranteed product characteristics.

  4. Data protection provisions: If it is possible within these pages to enter personal or business-related information (name, address, contact data and other such information), the user inputs this data voluntarily. AFPA reserves the right to store this data and, if necessary, to pass it on to other service providers. The user may refuse consent to data being relayed in this manner. The applicable provisions of the Data Protection Act will be observed.

  5. Legal enforceability: If parts of or specific formulations used in the wording of this Disclaimer do not correspond, now or in the future, in part or in full, to the applicable legal situation, this will not affect the remaining parts thereof.


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