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Sector profile

BranchenprofilAFPA regularly commissions SDI Research, an independent market research institute, to survey the domestic insurance broker and financial adviser market. Independent insurance brokers and financial advisers operate in an environment in which the legislator to date has viewed sub-areas in isolation from one another. The market is still awaiting a standardised regulatory framework. This is partly because, until very recently, there were few reliable facts and figures available for the insurance broker and financial adviser market. AFPA is closing this information deficit, giving the sector a profile for the very first time.

AFPA provides current data of its comprehensive statistics to all the institutions involved in the regulation of the financial market.

A coherent profile for the first time enables the following to be documented for Austria:

  • the (macro) economic significance of the entire sector
  • the training status and standards of advisers and brokers
  • facts about the average customer advice session
  • changes in personnel numbers and costs
  • the time invested in an advice session
  • the frequency of complaints and law suits
  • and a great deal more

Information about the Sector profile is available to read here:

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